Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google New Blog This


I’m giving this new extension a try to see what happens.  The set up is pretty strange and I’m not sure exactly what the fields are, but I guess I’ll figure them out as I go along.  One thing I don’t like already is the typeset is so very small my eyes are straining.  But, this could still be very conveinient, who knows.  Let’s see how it works.


Blogging Bust and Computer Crash

Well, I have utterly failed to to keep up with my blogging. In my defense, I have been totally absorbed in my book. In fact, I was up to 719 pages before my computer came up with a fatal system error. I freaked out. I had 5 chapters that I hadn't backed up on my flash drive yet. My computer guy has had it for 4 days now. He says he was able to back up all my info, so I think my book is saved, thank goodness! But I don't know yet if my computer can be saved. I'm using my son's old broken computer. I'm writing on an older version of word, trying to write new chapters that I can paste into the book later. I also have a few unfinished chapters that I can work on. Let me tell you. As soon as I'm done every day, I copy them to the flash drive.

I'm still really nervous about those five chapters. I really did a lot of cross over of the story lines, bringing things together. Once the book is more integrated, I will start working on the ending. But I think there is still quite a bit yet to go. I imagine I will break the book up into two or three books in the end.

Thank you to those who are following. Sorry for the blackout.