Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heroes: NaBloPoMo

I met a woman on a forum just now who has had a very difficult life. Her 15 year old son who had ADHD and was constantly bullied, committed suicide. She was thereafter diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands and had to have painful surgery. Her father and mother who she cared for in their last years, wrote her out of the will inexplicably. Now she struggles with depression. But she wins. Every day she gets up and takes everything one step at a time, looking at the positive side of whatever might be facing her. Her hands still hurt, perhaps arthritis is setting in. But she doesn't let that stop her. Her victories are small ones to be sure. Getting out of bed, getting dressed, doing housework, finding a good doctor. But in the scheme of things they are really huge. With the darkness she faces every day, to find the little lights that enable her to more than just function, but to actually live, is miraculous. And throughout it all she maintains a strong belief in a positive outcome. She believes when others would fold. This woman is a true hero. She perseveres against incredible odds and wins. Right now they may be small victories, but I believe she is going to continue to grow and to win until she's beaten back the worst of her demons. I never had a doubt when I read her post to me that she was a true hero.

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