Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is all About ZeitGeist

I have a million and two things to do today, not the least of which is pay bills, and I'm not getting any of it done as I am going through my grotesquely engorged email box, trying to get it under control. So, I've speed dated, read my horoscope, deleted about 50 mails, so far, corresponded with twitter pals, updated my NaBloPoMo account and who knows what else. Here's December's badge. The theme is ZeitGeist. I have no idea what that means. I'm going to look it up now. The translation from the German is "the spirit of the time". A more in-depth definition is - "ideas and spirit of(the) time: the ideas prevalent in a period and place, particularly as expressed in literature, philosophy, and religion." Definition courtesy of MSN Encarta Dictionary. And this is what we will be blogging about.

So what are the ideas and spirit of this time and place? What is being expressed in our literature, philosophy and religion? I don't think you can leave music out of this mix. There is the philosophy of three generations right there. I'm going to think about this while I attack my in box and hopefully get the shopping done.

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