Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So November Dies

Arrrgh! I missed a day. Kept it up all month until the second to last day. I don't suppose confusion is a good enough excuse. Ah well. What's done is done. I will tell you what had me so rapt last night. I made a pot roast for the first time. After all these years, I've never made one. So, I bought all the stuff and went to it. Do you have any idea how expensive a 3.38 pound chuck roast is? It's criminal! So naturally I was under a lot of pressure not to screw it up. It took way longer than mom said, but it came out pretty good. Julia Child has nothing to worry about from me.

Today, I'm just trying to get things done. I have this whole long list. I've done like 3 or 4 things. I just don't want to go out in the rain to drop off the stuff to Goodwill or go shopping. I have 4 or 5 places to go. I don't want to do it in the rain - just not up for it. So that leaves the dishes and laundry - yuck! Why don't these lists ever include really fun things? I did have writing on there, but I've already spent a couple of hours doing that and I just can't justify any more. I suppose I could do the shredding while I watch a movie. That might work. lol. My luck, I'd miss a staple and cause a meltdown.

Wish me luck. It's the last day of November. December is going to be even wilder.

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