Monday, November 8, 2010

Color Me Obsessed

Have you ever gotten into something that you just can't stop? I'm that way about my NaNo novel. I need to make this story happen, stinker or not. I sat down to write this morning and before I knew it, it was time for my son's bus to be here. I didn't get the laundry done, or the shopping. All I did was write. It's all I want to do. And I get these terrible back and shoulder cramps, but I keep writing anyway. I think I have a problem. lol.

Anyway, today's total, when I finally made myself stop is 6694. I think this beats yesterday's topper. My total is now 40,018. I'm finally coming to the end of this character's arc, but I have at least 5 more characters to introduce. lol. Wish me luck!

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