Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Shopping and the Almighty Budget

Well, naturally I missed the Friday sales because I was on the road. Probably a good thing in the long run. But now I have to try to find other sales to get something decent for my kids. The rest of the family is getting cookies. lol. I have these beautiful tins I bought on like 90% off, so that's covered. Now I just have to make the cookies.

Oh, and did I mention my son's birthday is only a few days from Christmas? Isn't that just peachy? I don't even really know what he wants. I've gotten him an 8 GB jump drive (USB drive) and I need to get him a mouse, but those aren't that exciting. I think there may be a concert coming to town soon. I need to check on that. The big ones usually skip us. I'm not making a cake this year. I'm making him two pecan pies. One to hoarde and one to share. He loves pecan pie. Might as well give him what he wants, right. What he really needs is a pair of shoes. But at 13 1/2 you can imagine what they cost and how hard it is to find a decent pair. He'd really be mad if I called it one of his birthday presents - darn!

I started decorating outside yesterday and I'm so proud of me! Unfortunately, I hammered my thumb a little more than the little nails I was using to hang the decorations on the brick mailbox. Oh well. I got them up. That's what counts. Right? Now for the hard part. I have to start putting out the decorations with lights. So far, it's just been wreaths and topiaries and what not. Now, I'm going to get serious.

And, I'm going to do some writing too.

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