Friday, March 18, 2011

DayGlow A Go Go

So, in an effort to save a bundle, ladies you know whereof I speak, I decided to color my hair myself. But instead of the drug store box - yuck - I ordered a professional haircolor application from an internet company. Everything looked great. It came with detailed instructions and all the tools I needed to do the deed. I invited a friend to come and help. We followed all of the instructions, but when I emerged from the shower, I was purple. You know the shade I mean. The color you get when you're going for red and you miss it.

What to do now is the question? I sent an inquiry to the company and they called me withing ten minutes! Now they're looking at pictures of the issue. The more I deal with these people, the more I like them. Hopefully, there is something they can do about the glow. The underlying color is very pretty. I tell you one thing. I don't have any stubborn roots! lol.

And no, I won't be updating my profile picture any time soon.

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