Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family - Cherish Them Now

Well, I missed another day. Guess I'm not so good at this. I went to see my 80 year old mother yesterday. She lives less than an hour away and I don't visit her nearly enough. She wanted to share some things that she's gotten on sale with me. She's so sweet. I know where I get my sale - o - holic tendencies. Of course these days, with the economy the way it is, if I don't already use something I don't keep the coupon just because it "might be" a good deal. I only get what I'm used to. If I get a discount, more's the better. I also shop at places that give you cash back, like CVS. I get my Rx's filled there too. Every so often you get a cash voucher to use on anything in the store, except Rx even though they did count toward your voucher. It's a great deal. But I digress.

My mom is a treasure. She is 80 and going strong. She takes care of herself, is perfectly with it and gets around fine. I pray that I'm doing so well at 80. I need to get my time with her in now because I think she will be leaving for an extended visit with my brother soon.

So, I didn't post yesterday. I'll post twice today. lol.

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