Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lizards and Other Housemates

I had a large lizard living in my house with me for about six weeks, maybe less. I let him/her be because they eat bugs. And he/she was big enough to eat big bugs. Everyday this lizard would make his rounds starting beside the refrigerator, behind it, then under my feet at my kitchen desk - he would always stop to look up at me - then he would continue on around the tile covered areas of the kitchen and breakfast room in one large loop. Once, he ventured into the den and startled my son who was working on his homework. I don't know where my lizard had gone, but I miss his daily routine. I've also had to spray for bugs and put out traps. More's the pity. He certainly was a lot of fun to have around.

One day, I was wearing pants with red splashes all over them. When he got under my desk and looked up at me, he got really scared and backed up under some notebooks and wouldn't come out until I left. Most of the time, I think he was just checking to make sure I wasn't going to chase him.

Maybe it was mating season and he'll come back with a whole family - Yikes!

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