Friday, October 23, 2009


I've got to tell you, this home schooling is definitely a challenge. First of all, I'm sure I'm not doing it right. Although there really are so many great sites on the web to help you. Second of all, I have to relearn algebra as I go along so I can teach it to my son. What kind of way to do thing is that? We have less than two months until the end of the term to get through, but I'm still sweatin it.

I'm also covering his health class that requires physical education. I have a plan for him. Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating and we don't have adequate indoor facilities. Wait! I could dig out that old total gym I bought years ago. It's still got all of the pieces. He could do a light workout on rainy days. That would certainly comply. Now all I have to do is teach him all of the required health related subjests, like health safety, all about the heart, depression, that sort of thing.

Still, algebra is my big bugaboo. I have to work out all of the problems before I give them to him so that I know I can help him out. Naturally we're about to get into some complicated funcions with polynomials. I'll be studying math while trying to write my NaNo novel. Wonderful!

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