Saturday, October 3, 2009

Romance Novel Progress; Writing Contests

Well, I finally finished it. Talk about something haunting you. I couldn't find an ending for the longest time, but I think that I'm satisfied with this one. Of course I could change it as I edit and rewrite certain portions. Right now I've got 371 pages , but I have scenes that need work and plot holes to plug. You could say I have a lot of work still ahead of me. But that's okay. I still love my book and my characters and I want to be with them every day. lol.

I also finished my entry for The Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards. I just hope it's good enough. I still need to tighten it up a bit. But the ending is killer. Literally.

Now I have to prepare for the Short, Shorts competition and outline (yuck) my story for NaNoWriMo which starts November 1st. Lots to do. More importantly though I have two chapters to finish for a freelance job I took a few weeks ago. I'm making great progress on the first one. Hope to finish up today. Then on to the next.

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