Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Monsters : German Schoolchildren Hand out Euros

Did you see that in the news? Apparently a group of four German school children aged 10 to 13 found a dirty brown envelope full of money - about 15, 000 Euros ($22, 000) and passed it out to all of their friends on the playground. The trick is, the envelope also contained the Visa of the man who purportedly owned the money. The little monsters knew someone was looking for that money and they took it anyway. One child told the teaching staff. At least one had some sense of right and wrong. The really sad thing is that neither the police nor the teacher's pleas could recover the entire amount from the children.

Now that's haunting.

What happened to honesty, integrity, basic tenants of right and wrong? You see things like this all the time in the news, but when our children are involved like this, it's a real shock. Are we failing to teach them properly, or is it something more insidious that is a product of society as a whole?

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