Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Sprouts

When I was a kid, my greatest fear at dinner time, besides liver of course, was Brussels sprouts. I absolutely detested them. My mom loved them, so naturally, we had them from time to time. My parents weren't complete dinner Nazi's, but we did have to eat some of everything.

I remember going to a friend's house for dinner one night. She had those type parents who made you clean your plate regardless. You know the type. Anyway, they served Brussels sprouts. I panicked. I managed to choke down one or two. I tried to feed one to the dog, but he wasn't interested, so I stuffed them in my glove. It was snowing outside and I had full snow gear with me. I don't think I'd ever done anything so sneaky before in my life. I felt terrible, but I just couldn't eat those awful things. When I got outside to walk home, I threw them out in the snow.

Well, many years later, as an adult, somehow I discovered baby Brussels sprouts. Man, dress those up with some butter and they're wonderful. Even my daughter loves them. Talk about full circle! This is a sprout I can love.

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