Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sprouting Bunny Ears

All morning I've been working on Easter baskets.  I'm doing one for my daughter and her boyfriend, his little boy,  my son, and my best friend.  I bought some plastic Easter eggs to go in them yesterday and, of course, I had to wash them out before I could put anything in them.  I'm debating whether or not to wrap my best friend's in one of those basket bags - I have so many.  I know I will do the boyfriend's that way - his basket is very plain.  The little boy is getting a giant plastic egg with eggs in it and age appropriate goodies, including a chubby book.

I do love doing stuff like this.  I just wish it didn't add up so fast.

On another note, my replacement computer is on its way, so I will soon be back to business as usual - as soon as my computer guy transfers my info over, that is.  Wish me luck.

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