Friday, April 8, 2011

Sprouting Madness

Yesterday, 12 children were killed by a gunman who opened fire in a school in Rio De Janeiro.  Witnesses were likening it to American incidents. See for more on the story. 

Synonyms for the word sprout include develop, grow and emerge.  How do the types of thoughts that lead to such actions develop, grow or emerge in these shooters?

This devil left a note.  Wellington Oliveira, the 23 year old man who perpetrated this nightmare, talked about chastity and the forgiveness of God.  He gave no indications as to why he did this heinous thing, only discussing how his body was to be handled and his possessions disposed of.  For a complete translation of the letter see

This man left us no real clues as to his motives.  The families are now left with this horrible tragedy and no reason why.

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