Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can You Say Münchhausen?

The first question you may ask is, "what does this have to do with sprouts?" Well, I've considered, what could cause the beginnings of this disease or syndrome or whatever it is to sprout in a person. What starts it? Why do they need attention so badly that they would hurt their own flesh and blood? I have no good answers. I think there are none.

I was watching GMA this morning and they had this little boy on with his mother. Apparently, the little boy - 8 years old - was maced when he threatened some teachers with a sharp piece of wood. He seems to have a history of anger and aggression problems at school. His mother allowed him to be interviewed directly on the subject! I couldn't believe she just sat there and let her son talk about his anger management problems and how school and the teachers made him mad and that he "sort of" meant that he wanted to kill them. It seems the teachers may even have hidden from him in another room. The police have been called three times for problems with the boy.

What mother would expose her child to such national scrutiny? Now everyone will know who Aiden Elliot is. She made some vague reference to the fact that it might be the school's fault since he didn't have the same problem with his other activities. Personally, I think, as apparently do most of the people posting on GMA's facebook page, that the mother is to blame. But more than that, I think she is clearly seeking attention for herself as a result of the trauma dealt her son when he was maced by the police officers in this incident. I think it's disgusting.

See the whole story and interview:

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